Manufacturing & Logistics

Manufacturing & Logistics

The industry and logistics sector is one of the most closely affected by global and national economy. Organisations in the sector are going through a difficult period due to the economic consequences of Covid-19. Some of the most urgent problems are the decline in productivity, the reduction of margins, the increased risk of insolvency or the growing competition.  

Our multidisciplinary team enables us to implement a wide range of solutions focused on optimising productivity, generating business opportunities, customer retention and acquisition strategies and, in short, stimulating business profitability. 

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KALE-Goal-1 Definition of strategic and tactical objectives, performance indicators and KPIs
KALE-Goal-1 Multiple customer segmentation models adapted to the needs of each organisation
KALE-Goal-1 Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) expansion strategies
KALE-Goal-1 Customer segmentation and customer scoring
KALE-Goal-1 Predictive sales analysis and market forecasting
KALE-Goal-1 Customer engagement action plans
KALE-Goal-1 Customer retention and loyalty models
KALE-Goal-1 Customer experience optimisation
KALE-Goal-1 Management Information System to support decision-making
KALE-Goal-1 Customer Analytics: Identification of insights and comprehensive customer knowledge
KALE-Goal-1 Strategic plans and implementation of digitalisation pathways
KALE-Goal-1 Go-to market strategies
KALE-Goal-1 Action plans for the generation of business opportunities

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