Who We Are


Because only thinking about what is ours no longer makes sense… because what is ours only exists when we understand others. Kale is a Bismart brand born from and for the customers. The customers, oh the customers! With their contradictions, unexpected turns, (in)decisions, romances, inertias… they are, in short, the reason for everything we do and for whom we do it. From their lights, shadows, dreams and expectations come brilliant ideas that accelerate our story.

Truly putting customers at the center and turning them into realities is the only way we know to help companies make better decisions and design their businesses. Because only thinking about what is ours no longer makes sense.

We are an agency specialized in data, customer analysis, marketing and sales. Our goal is to harness the power of data to identify insights and make the best marketing and sales decisions.



Our Formula

We believe that the disruption we live in forces business models to transform and adapt.

Kale is a company based on the principles of Business Agility, both in terms of solution design and processes to carry out our projects, as well as actions implementation. Our formula is based on: 


VoC: The voice of the customer at the core of the design of customer experiences and business decisions.


Data Insights: Analytics and data enrichment at the service of obtaining key business insights in any of its phases: from the definition of a market and its opportunities, to segmentation or go to market strategies.


Digitalization: Our projects pursue to apply processes and digital intelligence to accelerate and make them grow.


Project Management: Based on PMO models, we have a project management system that ensures the proper use of key project methods, assigned resources, deadlines and reports.


Agile Methodologies: Our projects are organized under working methods based on phases and iterations (Agile and Prince2) that allow us to adapt to the needs of our customers and grow the projects in a constant and orderly manner.



In the era of human centricity, Kale’s goal is to make people the center of brands, organizations and society. We understand our work as a method to expand possibilities, meet expectations, fulfill needs and expand horizons of people who are not satisfied and want to keep improving. Data is the resource through which we enable organizations to achieve this goal.  

Our team is made up of multidisciplinary talents in Marketing Intelligence, Customer Analytics, Data Management, BI, Customer Experience, Business Strategy, Marketing and Sales. But above all, our team is made up of people capable of asking transformative questions that move projects forward.