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Bismart Is a Microsoft Power BI Partner

Did you know that Bismart is a Microsoft Power BI partner?

Bismart is one of the few companies located in Spain that has the privilege of being a Gold Partner of Microsoft Power BI. In 2013, we had the privilege of positioning ourselves as the winner of the Best Worldwide Partner category in Business Intelligence, one of our key areas. In fact, our relationship with Microsoft dates back to the founding of Bismart in 2009. Therefore, we are one of the organizations closest to Microsoft in the country. Being part of the Microsoft community is a great opportunity, as this partnership enhances the activities of technology and business companies and helps them provide better solutions to their customers.


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What does it mean to be a Microsoft Power BI Partner?

The Microsoft partner network, founded in 1992, works with companies that provide technological and/or business solutions and extends worldwide today. It functions as a massive and international community of companies—currently comprising more than 640,000 companies around the world, with hundreds in Spain. Thanks to this partnership, companies can deliver better service to their customers because Microsoft provides them with a set of tools and platforms that help them enhance their technical capabilities. In this way, Microsoft Power BI partners have the ability to continually improve and enrich their offerings and solutions, as well as their relationships with their customers. Through effort, a drive for improvement, and teamwork, we aim to progress so that other companies can grow with us.

On the other hand, Microsoft awards companies each year that have performed well and achieved the best results in terms of their technical skills. Specifically, the partner network allows accreditation of skills in various technical fields such as app development, data analysis, the use of cloud platforms, or data centers, among others. Microsoft grants credentials in two categories: gold (the highest credential) or silver (the second-highest credential) to leading companies in each field. As previously mentioned, Bismart had the honor of being named the best Microsoft partner in the world at the Microsoft Inspire event in 2013, and over time, we have received multiple distinctions that position us as one of the top Microsoft gold partners in Spain:

  • 2017 Data Analytics Gold Certified Microsoft Partners
  • 2017 Cloud Services Gold Certified Microsoft Partners
  • 2016 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist
  • 2015 Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist
  • 2013 Microsoft Partner of the Year Winner
  • Bismart's Smart Destination App recognized as the #1 must-have app for cities

Additionally, Bismart is one of the top Microsoft partners in Barcelona and Madrid. Currently, Bismart is a gold partner in these competencies: [List the competencies].

Bismart Microsoft Gold Partner 2020

In practice, this means that Microsoft accredits Bismart as a reference and provides assurance of the company's quality in these categories. For example, as a Big Data preferred partner, Bismart is a guarantee of its ability to work with Microsoft Azure Big Data analytic solutions.

What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a business-oriented data analysis and data visualization tool, similar to Tableau or QlikView. If you're interested in learning about the advantages and disadvantages of each of these tools, you can read our comparison between Power BI, Tableau, and QlikView.

Power BI includes various applications that are much more intuitive than other tools and has capabilities for designing attractive and practical charts, visuals, and reports. Additionally, Power BI has recently updated its visualization creation capabilities.

It is essentially a tool that promotes data analysis, data governance, and business intelligence strategies.

If you want to discover everything you can do with this tool, please visit our website: What We Do? Power BI.

What does Bismart do?

Bismart is a consultancy that provides business solutions to other companies based on technology, data analysis, and business intelligence. In other words, we help businesses solve problems, grow, and progress by creating custom technology solutions tailored to their business needs.

As a Microsoft Power BI partner, we work to help companies maximize the value of their data and ensure that the use and processing of data are not only appropriate—many companies have large amounts of data but don't know how to make Big Data useful and beneficial—our intention is to make it optimal. That's why we work on data integration in all aspects as well as data visualization. Additionally, based on data analysis, we advise companies to gain a better understanding of the state and situation of their business. This way, the companies we work with can identify their strengths, areas that could be improved or enhanced, and their insecurities or problem areas.

Furthermore, our focus on data allows us to assist companies in predicting future scenarios and anticipating future situations through scenario simulation and advanced analytics with predictive algorithms. Predicting horizons allows us to provide prescriptive analysis, meaning transforming the results achieved through the analysis of a reality that has not yet occurred.

The use of tools and technological processes to automate processes, integrate data, and make decisions based on insights has become a crucial methodology for companies to thrive and not remain stagnant in a context where technology has transformed all processes and activities, not only of the companies but also of their customers. Inadequate use of data and its wastage translates, more than ever, into insufficient business operations.

At Bismart, we accompany organizations throughout the entire process, resulting in better strategic decision-making, risk prevention, process automation, innovation, digital transformation, and increased profitability. In short, we apply business intelligence environments so that our clients become data-driven organizations.

If you want to learn more about our activities and specific projects, you can do so on our website: What We Do?

Bismart Solutions and Resources

Since its foundation, Bismart has been providing efficient and customized technological solutions to other companies for many years. If you want to learn more about them in-depth, you can do so through our website in the Solutions section. Additionally, we also have a section where you can discover all our resources.


Advantages of Being a Power BI Partner

Microsoft's partner community has been a great success and has demonstrated significant gains since its inception. In fact, some partners have noted that for every $1 earned by Microsoft through the network, partners receive $8.70. Therefore, the initiative is not only beneficial for both parties, but it's also clear that associated companies achieve great results and enhance their performance. Being a Microsoft Power BI partner offers numerous advantages for companies, some of which have already been mentioned. Other advantages of being a Power BI partner include:

  1. Continuous guidance
  2. Access to all licenses for a range of Microsoft products: Azure, Teradata DB, Dynamics 365, Machine Learning, SQL Server, Office, Intune, SharePoint...
  3. Resources and guidance for implementing your business ideas in the market
  4. The opportunity to be included in the Microsoft Partner directory
  5. Access to marketing tools and materials
  6. Unlimited access to continuous training courses and certifications

You can find all the benefits of the partner network on the Microsoft Partners website.


Why Work with Bismart?

Being one of the top Microsoft partners in Spain, Bismart offers numerous advantages over the competition. For example, as Gold Certified Partners in Data Analysis, Datacenter, Data Platform, and Cloud Computing, we have access to specialized licenses for products and services related to these competencies. Additionally, the partnership provides specialized and ongoing training to our technicians, consultants, and experts in Business Intelligence and Data Innovation. In other words, all professionals in the company, regardless of their sector, are continuously training and updating their knowledge through Microsoft's educational platform.

Furthermore, Bismart has the support of Microsoft, which serves as an endorsement of the quality of the services and products we offer and our competence in providing the best technology solutions tailored to the business needs of our clients. For all these reasons, working with Bismart is a guarantee of collaborating with one of the leading companies in the sector in Spain.

If you want to explore your possibilities or discover how we could provide a customized solution for your company, please contact us, and we will be delighted to provide you with more details.

Bismart is also a partner of Zebra BI!


In our company, we have always prioritized providing Power BI solutions that excel in three fundamental aspects: business, communication, and technical quality. To achieve this, we work closely with leading providers and platforms, such as Microsoft, and more recently, Zebra BI. Zebra BI is a renowned provider of visualizations for Power BI and Excel that allows for clear, concise, simple, and attractive data presentation. Microsoft even uses them for their own internal reporting.

Zebra BI visualizations are particularly well-suited for areas such as finance, marketing, and sales. They offer the ability to create all the necessary charts for financial experts to analyze business performance in detail. This includes user-friendly income statements, profit and loss reports in Power BI, with subtotals, cost reversal function, re-orderable columns, automatic variance charts, and more. Additionally, Zebra BI Tables are by far the most powerful visual table/matrix in Power BI. It allows for building extremely flexible tables with embedded charts, expanding and collapsing rows, reordering columns, performing profit and loss calculations, top N analysis, and much more.



With the incorporation of Zebra BI visualizations into our solutions, we take data visualization one step further and enhance our reports, especially in the financial area.

The integration of Zebra BI into our solutions provides us with the following advantages:

  1. Useful, relevant, and user-friendly visualizations and reports.
  2. Allows adding an unlimited number of levels to hierarchical tables and breaking down to the most detailed level.
  3. Zebra BI visualizations are officially certified by Microsoft. This means that Microsoft guarantees their proper functioning, security, and full compatibility with Microsoft platforms. Additionally, certification provides us with more options and enhanced functionality.
  4. Maximum flexibility in designing table-based reports and complete control over the design and behavior of Zebra BI visualizations in Power BI reports and dashboards.
  5. Intuitive report generation thanks to the user-friendliness of Zebra BI.
  6. Zebra BI visualizations are fully adaptable: highly flexible and intuitive business charts and tables that automatically adjust to available space.

Furthermore, Zebra BI offers the following possibilities:

  • Automatic variance charts.
  • Variance charts, waterfall charts, bar charts, lollipop charts, among others.
  • Profit and loss calculations with subtotals.
  • Flexible table/matrix designs.
  • One-click column sorting.
  • Expand/collapse rows to unlimited levels.
  • Rearrange columns through drag and drop.
  • Top N analysis and other features.
  • Matrix charts.
  • Show/hide columns.
  • Column hierarchies.
  • Custom design.

In October 2022, Zebra BI introduced Zebra BI Office. This integration of Zebra BI with Excel and PowerPoint is something that users, especially those of Excel, have been eagerly anticipating.

Zebra BI Office goes beyond being just a new solution; it positions itself as a significant step towards democratizing business analysis and data visualization.

With Zebra BI Office, Zebra BI visuals, previously available only in Power BI, can now be used in two of Microsoft's most widely used platforms worldwide: Excel and PowerPoint.

Discover all the possibilities that Zebra BI Office offers for Excel by downloading the official Zebra BI templates.

Download Templates

These templates include the following reports:

  1. Annual Sales Variance Table (PY, AC, PL, FC).
  2. Monthly Sales Variance Table (PY, AC, PL, FC).
  3. Income Statement.
  4. Cash Flow Statement.
  5. EBIT Contribution Analysis.
  6. Price and Volume Mix.
  7. Subscription Business Model.
  8. Marketing Budget Deviations.

With Zebra BI Office, you can make the most of Excel's potential and create impactful and easy-to-understand reports for making data-driven business decisions.

Zebra BI Office Visuals Zebra BI para Excel y Powerpoint