Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

The consumer goods industry is going through a period of necessary transformation after a decade of minimal growth.  

In the new scenario, the reinvention of traditional marketing with an emphasis on customer-centric strategies, as well as the digitisation of communication channels, are essential drivers. Tech tools such as Customer Data Platform (CDP) or single customer view are more necessary than ever in order to integrate customer data from multiple sources and to be able to build customer profiles. On the other hand, new business trends point towards greater proximity to the customer and further leveraging business intelligence to support the decision-making process.  

At Kale we are experts in customer-centricity, customer experience, marketing and sales strategies. We also help companies build customer profiles and define their buyer personas through the integration of multiple consumer data sources and the implementation of CDP or single customer view models. 

What can we do for you? 

KALE-Goal-1 Definition of strategic and tactical objectives, performance indicators and KPIs
KALE-Goal-1 Tailored segmentation and customer scoring models
KALE-Goal-1 Conversion funnel acceleration and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) expansion strategies
KALE-Goal-1 Predictive sales analysis and forecasting
KALE-Goal-1 Customer engagement strategies
KALE-Goal-1 Customer retention models
KALE-Goal-1 Customer experience optimisation in the digital and/or physical environment
KALE-Goal-1 Improved communication, marketing and sales strategies
KALE-Goal-1 In-depth knowledge of the customer portfolio, their behaviour, needs and consumption habits based on insights
KALE-Goal-1 Definition of attribution models
KALE-Goal-1 Customer Analytics: Identification of insights and comprehensive customer knowledge
KALE-Goal-1 Digitalisation action plans
KALE-Goal-1 Strategies to increase sales per direct channel and average spend per customer
KALE-Goal-1 Action plans for the generation of business opportunities
KALE-Goal-1 Market sizing
KALE-Goal-1 Customer Data Platform (CDP)
KALE-Goal-1 Single customer view
KALE-Goal-1 Shopping cart analysis
KALE-Goal-1 Cross-selling & up-selling
KALE-Goal-1 Price and demand sensitivity analysis
KALE-Goal-1 Positioning and brand identity analysis
KALE-Goal-1 Definition of target customers, strategic customers and Buyer Personas

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