As has happened in most industries, the global pandemic has accelerated the already existing challenges of the telecommunications, media and digital start-ups sector.  

The new economic situation has highlighted the urgency to accelerate trends such as a focusing on customer needs and intensified audience engagement, the creation of new merged service offerings, an enhanced focus on user experience or the use of data analytics and predictive analytics to streamline business processes.   


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KALE-Goal-1 Definition of strategic and tactical objectives, performance indicators and KPIs
KALE-Goal-1 Tailored segmentation and customer scoring models
KALE-Goal-1 Conversion funnel acceleration and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) expansion strategies
KALE-Goal-1 Predictive sales analysis and forecasting
KALE-Goal-1 Customer engagement strategies
KALE-Goal-1 Customer retention models
KALE-Goal-1 Customer experience optimisation in the digital and/or physical environment
KALE-Goal-1 Improving communication, marketing and sales strategies
KALE-Goal-1 Definition of attribution models
KALE-Goal-1 Customer Analytics: Identification of insights and comprehensive knowledge of customers
KALE-Goal-1 Digitalisation action plans
KALE-Goal-1 Go-to-market actions
KALE-Goal-1 Strategies for increasing direct channel sales and average spend per customer
KALE-Goal-1 Action plans for generating business opportunities
KALE-Goal-1 Positioning and brand identity analysis
KALE-Goal-1 Market sizing
KALE-Goal-1 Customer Data Platform (CDP)

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