Bismart ABC Client Analysis

Segment and analyse your customer base



Bismart ABC Client Analysis is a technology-based segmentation solution specially designed to align commercial strategies with the profitability of each client.

In a dashboard environment, ABC Client Analysis segments your client portfolio based on contribution to turnover, profitability and gross margin.

ABC Client Analysis automatically classifies clients into profitable, unprofitable and strategic.

Thanks to its high analytical capabilities, you will be able to assess the diversification and concentration of your client portfolio, define your target clients and markets and identify high-risk or high-growth potential clients.

With this tool you will be able to:

- Find out if you are focusing your commercial efforts correctly.
- Develop a commercial management adapted to the characteristics, profitability and potential of each client.
- Analyse the risk concentration and diversification of your client portfolio.
- Identify your most significant clients, your target markets and the clients that require greater commercial attention.
- Identify points for improvement, high-risk customers and develop personalised commercial strategies.


Don't waste your commercial efforts! Install ABC Client Analysis now and start focusing your commercial efforts on the characteristics, opportunities and value of each of your clients.

Check the technical capabilities of the solution in the datasheet:

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If you need more detailed information, take a look at the solution's infographic.

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Plus, now you can check how it works for yourself through the demo!

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