Power BI Analytics is an analysis engine for Power BI that allows you to monitor all the activity registered in your organization's Power BI Service without time, user or workspace limits. Through a simple, flexible and secure mechanism you will be able to visualize and examine the activity of all users and workspaces. 

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Power BI Analytics automatically tracks all the activity of Power BI Service and allows you to store it in your own data repository with no time or capacity limits. In addition, with Power BI Analytics, the environment for data analysis is Power BI itself. 

With Power BI Analytics you will be able to:

-Analyze the activity of all your company's users.
-Identify users and discover which users access which reports and for what purpose. Check all the details in the solution's infographic.
-Manage user activity through the Power BI administration API. Find out how through the demo.
-Store all the activity in your own data repository with no time or capacity limits. See all the features in the solution's datasheet.


Power BI Analytics' main advantages are:

-With Power BI Analytics the working environment for data analysis is Power BI
-Power BI Analytics automatically stores all the activity an exclusive data repository for the client.
-It provides a single environment for analyzing all users and workspaces' activity.
-User identification and autonomy levels per user.

Take control of users' activity through Power BI management API, govern without limits, gain autonomy, identify users and analyze data without leaving Power BI. 


Take a look at Power BI Analytics' new features!

We have recently updated the solution, which now includes many new features:

- Power BI Analytics includes a 'Heatmap' with which you will discover, in less than a second, the moments of more activity in Power BI. You can cross-reference the analysis by user, activity and workspace to discover unique insights about user activity and how to optimize application-related resources.
- You can enrich the analysis by adding user and group data from your active directory and use this data as new filters in the report.
- Simplify data lineage and build a smoother and more efficient data flow by querying the relationship between different assets, their dependency and impact.
- Consult the endorsement history and discover how your reports evolve according to their certification and promotion.
- Monitor permissions by consulting the status of different assets within Power BI.
- Control the status of data refreshes: Check that they have been updated correctly, organize them as you wish and review the history. Avoid errors and save time by monitoring the status of data refreshes.
- Power BI Analytics allows you to visualize the number of licenses by license type and as a time evolution. See how your licenses are distributed and analyze their evolution. Cross the license analysis with the activity analysis to validate the efficiency of license allocation. With this analysis, you will be able to optimize the allocation of economic resources associated with licenses.

You can consult all Power BI Analytics' technical features in the solution's datasheet.

Download datasheet

If you prefer more in-depth information, you can download the solution's infographic.

Download infographic

Plus, you can now test how the solution works for yourself through the demo!

Access demo

For a deeper explaination, watch the Webinar: Data Governance with Power BI Analytics in which we explore Power BI Analytics' capabilities in depth.


Do you have any suggestions?

Power BI Analytics was born with the purpose of satisfying companies' data governance and analytical needs. Our purpose is to create the perfect tool for our customers. If you have tried the tool and have a suggestion, please let us know. Your opinion matters!

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