Hotel Management Dashboards


Dashboard environment for monitoring and analyzing the results of the different functional areas of the hotel industry.

Hotel Management Dashboards is a modular and multi-hotel solution that can be adapted according to particular needs. It is a pre-built data model and set of reports that can be integrated with proprietary and external data sources to provide a 360º view of all functional areas involved in the operation of multiple hotels.

It is a complete solution with a high level of customization, fast implementation and low acquisition cost.

Do you want to have a single place where you can consult all the key indicators and results for the management of all your hotels and the different functional areas?

Hotel Management Dashboards is the solution for you!


Hotel Management Dashboards is a set of knowledge services under a single environment for monitoring and analyzing the key results of the different functional areas of the hotel industry. It covers the information and analytical needs of hotel chains from all aspects: sales and marketing, operations, finance and personnel management.

The solution was born from the purpose of destroying information silos so that hotels can consult their indicators and results and manage the activity of all the functional areas of their hotel or group of hotels from a single place.

It is a modular and multi-hotel solution, adaptable and expandable to particular needs. Hotel Management Dashboards contains a data model that integrates and adapts to both in-house and external data sources, allowing hotel companies to obtain a 360º view of their hotels' performance.

Hotel Management Dashboards has its own environment for each of the functional areas of a hotel chain:

hotel management dashboards modules


  • The information is structured by content
  • High level of usability: users without programming knowledge will be able to work on it perfectly
  • Customization capabilities at both graphical and functional level
  • Fast start-up and low acquisition cost
  • Modular solution: adapts to your needs
  • Complete solution: you don't need anything else


Revenue management

Hotel Management Dashboards includes the ideal control panel for revenue management. It allows to analyze historical hotel data, helps to interpret trends and to calculate forecasts to sell hotel units through the right channel and with the best efficiency in commissions. It takes into account price, occupancy and revenue and allows you to enrich the data with weather, festivities, events...

  • See through which channel you receive your bookings
  • Check occupancy and seasonality for each of your hotels and by guest origin
  • Cross-reference information and get rid of information silos: Analyze any type of costs on a per-stay basis, analyze FTE on a per-stay basis and compare competitor prices with your actual prices and occupancy.
  • Visualize the consumption preferences and the most common channels of each of your customer segments and/or markets and discover which channels you are interested in promoting.
  • Find out if the marketing or commercial strategies you are implementing in different countries or through different telemarketers are working.
  • Analyze the evolution of your bookings by channel and/or hotel.
  • Analyze your revenue by room type or type of regime, or combine both metrics.
  • Find out which guests make the biggest contribution to revenue


Occupancy prediction

Hotel Management Dashboards is an advanced analytics tool that combines internal data with external data and artificial intelligence to offer occupancy prediction solutions.

The tool's algorithm allows to make occupancy predictions in different time ranges: short term (one week), medium term (month) and long term (3 months).

  • Establish a dynamic pricing policy based on future demand or competitive behavior
  • Optimize your purchases based on inflation forecasts
  • Concentrate your sales and marketing efforts according to demand


Market trends

One of the great competitive advantages of Hotel Management Dashboards is that it allows hotel chains to expand the information they already have with information related to market trends and the context that intervenes in the activity flows of the service offered.

  • Online reputation and occupancy rates of competitors.
  • Analysis of activity in web portals and external service providers.
  • Air traffic: Control of the arrival of travelers at airports near our hotels.
  • Economic activity: Information on the type of consumption and products and services in which the tourists who come to the area of influence of our hotels spend the most.
  • Price comparison: Consult the prices of the competition by time period (daily analysis) and according to occupancy.
  • Compare prices according to seasonality, type of room and type of pension.



With this module you can monitor and control purchases, costs and stocks for a better forecast of needs, cost efficiency and negotiation capacity with suppliers. Analysis can be carried out by hotel, by supplier or by cost center.

Hotel Management Dashboards offers a complete analysis of the evolution of the costs of your purchases according to the type of product and product family on a monthly basis.

rSee which suppliers you buy the most from and analyze the different indicators for each supplier and compared to the previous year.

The great advantage of this solution is that it provides a unique mixed view of the relationship between purchases, products and suppliers. You can select any of your products and you will automatically see which supplier or suppliers are providing it and at what price. You can also compare your purchases in relation to the allocated budget, the previous year's budget or time period.

➡️ Increase your bargaining power with suppliers with information on the price of products from other suppliers and optimize your costs by adapting your purchases to the prices of each supplier.


The financial module allows us to monitor the financial statements through the profit and loss account, balance sheet, cash flows, financial and operational indicators for a better analysis of operational and structural finances.  The environment offers us a unique analysis of our financial performance indicators that allows us to analyze the monthly and annual evolution of our operating costs, fixed costs and each of the items of our income statement with respect to revenue.

In addition, Hotel Management Dashboards offers both the traditional view of the income statement with more innovative visualization formats that provide better readability and offer users a greater ability to interact with the data.


Hotel Management Dashboards also incorporates an operational dashboard environment that allows us to manage all our operations and analyze them from multiple perspectives starting from an overview of the current status of our hotel or hotel chain.

Monitor operations in 60 seconds

In addition to the detailed analysis, Hotel Management Dashboards contains a report designed so that operations staff can monitor the status of all ongoing operations in one minute and present them to the hotel manager or their direct manager. 

In 'Top 60' you can quickly monitor the activity of all business units (accommodation, reception, restaurant, bar, floors, sports center, wellness services) by sales, staff and inventory; as well as manage incidents.


Marketing & sales

Hotel Management Dashboards has a specific marketing and sales environment where we can see an overview of our KPIs, as well as the behavior and purchasing habits of our customers by time periods and filtered: age, gender, place of origin, the channel through which they have reached us, customer share by country and average revenue, season, booking window, etc.

The information is available for each of our hotels —in case of a hotel chain with multiple hotels— or see the overview of all our hotels.

Furthermore, on the sales side, the environment is designed to help us track budget and sales analysis (price, occupancy and revenue). It allows you to monitor the evolution of sales, comparison with the previous year and budget by hotel, customer segments, time of year, distribution channel, etc.

  • Sales by POS, by production, by occupancy, by type of article, etc.
  • Daily evolution of sales and by time slot.
  • Complete RFM analysis.
  • Customer conversion rate and customer loyalty level.
  • Customer retention rate by channel or touch point.

    Online reputation


Hotel Management Dashboards provides a comprehensive analysis environment for one of the most relevant factors at the moment: online reputation. The differentiating aspect of Hotel Management Dashboards is that it combines score and ratings data from specific sources such as ReviewPro with reviews, comments and other metrics from multiple external sources: social networks, blogs, web pages, etc. In addition, it offers a comparison of our reputation with that of our competitors.

We can also check our online impact and notoriety (how much people talk about us), our brand image and the sentiment analysis of our guests' comments on any web space.

In short, the online reputation module allows us to analyze the notoriety and reputation of hotels in digital media: global rating and by departments or areas, rating by hotels, evolution and benchmarking.


Human resources and talent management

Finally, Hotel Management Dashboards also allows us to make a comprehensive management of the people and talent that make up our company, as well as to analyze the productivity and availability of our workforce.

  • Track the number of employees by sector and the evolution of the workforce.
  • Controls each employee's leaves of absence.
  • Analyzes human resources costs: monthly evolution, annual evolution, breakdown by employee, etc.
  • Manage the timetable and clock-in and clock-out records of all employees from a single environment.
  • See how many people each employee serves per day, per month or per year.
  • Check the level of satisfaction of your employees

➡️ All dashboards and screens contain cross-referenced information that allows you to explore data from multiple perspectives and consult all points of view without leaving the environment.

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