Dashboard environment for the monitoring of a nursing home's assistance data

ResiCare BI is an application designed to monitor and supervise the medical and healthcare data of one or more nursing homes. The software allows nursing home managers to have greater control over the health of the residents, as well as over possible incidents. In addition, it is a modular intelligence solution, adaptable and scalable to particular needs.

ResiCare BI contains a data model and a set of pre-built reports, which can be integrated and adapted with internal and external data sources, providing a 360º view of the medical and assitance data of one or multiple nursing homes. The app also integrates with the ResiPlus nursing home management software.

Everything you need to know in a single environment

ResiCare BI Modules EN

The solution has several modules that cover all the aspects of resident care data:

  • Indicadores asistenciales: Monitoriza el estado de salud de todos los residentes y adelántate a posibles incidencias. Personaliza los indicadores de salud más relevantes para cada centro (caídas, sujeciones, úlceras, incontinencias, etc.) para adaptar el entorno a las necesidades de los residentes.
  • Healthcare indicators: Monitor the health of all residents and anticipate possible incidents. Customize the most relevant health indicators for each center (falls, restraints, ulcers, incontinence, etc.) to adapt the environment to your residents' needs.
  • ISPs: ResiCare BI has a specific module for the implementation, management and control of Individualized Service Plans (ISPs). 
  • Others: Do you need information about other areas of knowledge related to your center? ResiCare BI is a system prepared to adapt to your information needs. Find out what you need to know and ResiCare BI will provide it.

ResiCare BI Main characteristics and features

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